3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms

If you are a traveler who generally prefers hotel and condo vacations, then Las Brisas del Mar will not disappoint.  Each unit has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and can accommodate up to six people.  By no means "cookie-cutter," each condo's decor showcases the owners' personal taste and style.  Located just down the road from our private beach home rentals, our condominiums are situated directly on the Pacific Ocean.  Each unit's Master Suite faces the ocean, has an in-suite bathroom with shower, king-sized bed, walk-in closet and double vanity.  Guests in the Master also enjoy private access to the patio to view the area's incredible sunsets.

The two Junior Suites face Volcan Baru, have a separate closet, and share the second full bath.  What differs between units is the size and quantity of beds in these suites.  This is where your personal style and lodging needs will help determine which of our units is best for you.  Browse the pictures below and/or contact us for more information.

BC's will gladly work with you to stock the kitchen with food and alcohol prior to your arrival.  Simply provide us with a shopping list and you can arrive at ease knowing a grocery run is unnecessary. Additional $100.00 USD flat fee for this service.

We're also happy to provide the convenience of pre-prepared meals for our renters.  Meals are made fresh, packaged, and stored in your freezer with directions to make dinners easy.  See the menu here and place an order.

Rules and Regulations

Those guests interested in renting at Las Brisas del Mar must commit to a minimum of three nights and adhere to the community's rules and regulations.  You will be asked to read and agree to these rules when paying.  A copy of Las Brisas' renters document is available here.

1st Floor Units

Those needing easy access to lodging should consider the ease of a 1st Floor condominium.  Three steps up is all it takes to get renters from the paved parking lot to each unit.  Perfect for those worried about hauling groceries and luggage up and down multiple flights.  Like the parking lot, the complex's large pool is mere feet away too.

CONDO 3:  1 King 2 Queens          $175/night  $1,200/week  $3,000/month

AC    Washer/Dryer    Dishwasher    Towels/Linens     Kitchen Utensils/Plates    100s of Movies    AppleTV    Music Dock    TV/DVD

CONDO 6:  1 King  1 Queen  2 Twins          $175/night  $1,200/week  $3,000/month

AC   Washer/Dryer    Dishwasher    Towels/Linens    Kitchen Utensils/Plates    TV

2nd Floor Units

A second floor condominium allows for a bit more privacy and less foot traffic.  Of course, with the advantage of extra height the ocean views are even more beautiful.  

CONDO 1:  1 King  2 Queens          $175/night  $1,200/week  $3,000/month

AC    Washer/Dryer    Dishwasher    Towels/Linens    Kitchen Utensils/Plates    TV    Surround Sound

CONDO 5:  1 King  1 Queen  2 Twins          $175/night  $1,200/week  $3,000/month

AC    Washer/Dryer    Dishwasher    Towels/Linens    Kitchen Utensils/plates    2 TVs    *Sky Satellite TV*    Music Docking Station

CONDO 2:  1 King  2 Queens          $175/night  $1,200/wk.  $3,000/month

AC    Washer/Dryer    Dishwasher    Kitchen Utensils/Dishes    Linens    TV    *Sky Satellite TV*

3rd Floor Unit

Our third floor condo is a beautiful unit.  With its vaulted ceilings, pool proximity, and stunning ocean views it is sure to please.

CONDO 4:  1 King  1 Queen  2 Twins          $175/night  $1,200/wk.  $3,000/month

AC    Washer/Dryer    Dishwasher    Kitchen Utensils/Dishes    Linens    TV