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Playa La barqueta, chiriquí, panamá





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Titled; turnkey; completely furnished

3 Bedrooms 4 Bath

This property is the perfect beach house for you: fully furnished, turnkey*, titled, tax abated** - nestled in a gated community on 16 miles of beautiful beach.

Modeled after a "beach cottage" look, the entirely concrete structure is softened with Spanish tiles and wood molding to create cozy charm.  The furnishings are imported from the United States to  enhance the home's custom look and guarantee quality.  As one of the largest pools on the beach, the 26,000 gallon salt water pool is perfect for both legitimate exercise and entertaining at the swim-up bar.

Multiple outdoor sitting areas allow for time in the sun as well as under the shade of the palm-thatch rancho.  If your dream home involves listening to the crashing waves at night, then open the grand sliding doors and sleep insect-free thanks to the screened-in porch that surrounds the ocean side of the house.  Enjoy a private outdoor shower in the Green Suite's spacious full bath or relax in the attached sitting room of the Coral Suite.  For those concerned about mobility, the beach house is situated on one level for easy access in-and-out as well as within.  Current owners love living in the area and look forward to their next building adventure in Panamá.  

*When we say TURNKEY, we mean it.  Our sale price includes all of the furniture -inside and out,- linens, dishes, décor, appliances, modems, EVERYTHING!  This is a truly unique opportunity to purchase a home that is totally ready to occupy.

**This home is tax abated until June 27, 2029.


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E01 Avenida Don Antonio
Playa La Barqueta, Chiriqui


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HOA/General info

Barqueta Nice has a thriving HOA.  Please access our community website for additional information on the ins-and-outs of life here: location, brief community history, Rules of Use for Homeowners, etc. 

Click here: https://barquetanicehoa.hoa-express.com 


  • HOA fee is ONE-TIME, annual assessment of $600
  • Annual fee covers 24/7 gate staff, tri-weekly trash removal, and maintenance of common ground

Lot size is approximately 1,002 sq. meters.

House size is approximately 190 sq. meters.

Should you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

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how do i get there?

Three options to reach our beautiful beach: 1.  Short flight on Copa Airlines from Panama City to David (PTY-DAV).  2.  Ride on air-conditioned coach from Albrook Terminal to David Terminal.  3.  Drive a rental car- originating at Tocumen Airport.

How close are you to the beach?

All you need to do is walk the short, 20 meter path through the protected sea grass to reach the beach.  This picture is taken at the end of the patio to give you a better idea of scope.  

Is it safe to walk the beach/street?


Are there any restaurants/bars nearby?


what are the best months to be there?


Do you have good grocery stores?


What if i get sick?


how many homes in the development?


do i need a Panama bank account to purchase property?


what activities are available?


what do you enjoy the most/least about living in panama?


Do you have staff?


how is the internet?


do you have/need a generator?


Can you send more pictures?


why are you selling?

YES.  Many people ask about the presence of vendors and wild dogs they may have experienced in other parts of Latin America.  We have neither.  Of course, all beaches are technically "public," but rarely do we see non-residents outside of major holidays.


There are!  A ten minute walk will get you to one of three "typica" restaurants serving fish, patacones, drinks, etc.  Of course, for a more formal dining experience the restaurant at Las Olas Hotel serves three meals a day.  


Especially if you are from a colder climate (like me), Panama weather is beautiful all year round.  We have two "seasons" here:  green season and dry season.  The peak of summer is November through April where there is very little to no rain.  Occasional afternoon showers begin in April and get more frequent between September and October.  

Shopping is very similar to an experience in North America.  Four major chains service David:  Super Baru, Rey, Romero, and Super 99.  Most everything you would want is available.  If you are particularly heath conscience, the Organica store in nearby Boquete provides customers with supplements, powders, etc.

We're actually really fortunate that health care is top notch in Panama- especially in comparison with other Latin American countries.  AND...it's shockingly affordable.  David is home to all the specialists you may need, and most speak English.  Our doctors are located in Hospital Chiriqui, and highly recommended.  

We're one of 52 homes along the 2-mile stretch of road that runs through Barqueta Nice.  We're a multinational bunch -mostly American and Canadian.  BN is a quiet, friendly place to live.  Remember, check out more information on the in's and out's of the HOA on the Barqueta Nice website.


You DO NOT.  Our property is titled just as it would be in the United States and the US dollar is Panama's currency.  You will need a bank account if you would like to eventually become a permanent resident, but NOT to purchase property. 


Aside from lying in the pool with a cold drink??  So many things to do: horseback riding, kayak the mangroves, zip-line, tour coffee plantations, ride white water rapids,whale watch, and more.  All these activities are within a two-hour driving radius from the house.

Hmmm...after almost five years as a full-time resident I will never tire of the beautiful weather and spending afternoons watching the Pacific Ocean.  Like staring into a fire, the ocean remains mesmerizing.  If I have to pick a 'least,' I would have to say the "mañana mentality" is a very real thing.  No one is in a hurry...ever...and that takes some serious adjusting to accept.  


We employ two wonderful locals to maintain the pool/yard and clean the inside of the home.  Jose takes care of the outside for us two hours a day-six days a week ($3.50/hr.), and Deika cleans inside once a week ($2.50/hr).  Of course, by no means do you have to keep them on.  However, should you like maintenance help they have worked with us for years, know the property, and would be thrilled to carry on for you.  

Service is provided by a vendor on our beach, IP COM, and very reliable.  We have 15 mg. of fiberoptic Internet for $64/month.


We do NOT have a generator because it doesn't seem necessary.  Like all other metal, a generator would quickly oxidize in the salt air and the power rarely has gone out long enough to warrant the purchase.  


Sure thing.  Just Contact Us and we'll be happy to send along any additional information.


We do get asked this.  Why?  We're young, had a five year plan, and that time is up.  We'd do it again in a heartbeat.  This home, and the community is wonderful.